This Policy has been developed to address how Scleroderma Victoria Inc. complies with the:

Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic)
Health Records Act 2001(Vic)

This legislation regulates the way personal information is collected, handled, stored or disclosed about you.

Scleroderma Victoria Inc. has adopted the Information Privacy Principles developed by the Department of Human Services in Victoria to govern how organisations should handle personal information.

Principle 1 – Purpose of collection of personal information

Limits the information which can be collected by Scleroderma Victoria Inc. to that which is relevant to an activity of Scleroderma Victoria Inc.

Principle 2 – Use and disclosure of information

Use and disclose of personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected or a secondary purpose the person would reasonably expect

Principle 3 – Quality of data

Make sure information collected is accurate and up to date, relevant and complete

Principle 4 – Keeping information secure

Taking reasonable measure to ensure that information collected is protected from misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure

Principle 5 – Openness

Make available management of the handling of personal information to those that request it

Principle 6 – Access and correction

Ensures that individuals are able to access their personal information held and provide corrections to Scleroderma Victoria Inc. as needed

Principle 7 – Unique Identifiers

Provides guidance on using unique identifies appropriately (eg. numbers used when referring to an individual) Scleroderma Victoria Inc. does not use ‘unique identifiers’

Principle 8 – Anonymity

Wherever it is practicable and lawful, individuals can have the option of not identifying themselves when involved with Scleroderma Victoria Inc., at an individual’s request

Principle 9 – Information transfers interstate

Provides guidance on if your personal information travels, privacy protection also should travel with it

Principle 10 – Sensitive information

Scleroderma Victoria Inc. do not collect sensitive information about an individual like an individual’s ethnic background, religious beliefs, political views, etc.