People with scleroderma know all too well the impact on their daily lives due to having this condition. There are many aspects to scleroderma, and no two people are the same, sometimes making it hard for family and friends to understand the full effect it has on us and our community.

Our family and friends play an important role in supporting people with scleroderma, and often take on the responsibility of becoming a carer. There are many ways to support us, and that may include helping someone stay as healthy and well as possible, maintain independence, or stay connected to their local community and providing assistance with daily living activities.

Scleroderma Victoria are committed to ensuring our scleroderma community are supported in as many ways as possible, and we would like to acknowledge we could not do it without our family and friends. We recognise that our family and friends have different needs, yet that pivotal role can make all the difference in our health and wellbeing.

For a limited time, we have developed a new membership program for our family and friends, and we welcome you to join to continue supporting your loved ones with scleroderma.

Apply online or Download our Membership Form (PDF)

Support for Family and Friends

Scleroderma Victoria needs the support of people with scleroderma, their family and friends, and the wider community to create awareness and support each other. We would like to share some useful resources and information on how we can better support our family and friends.

For more information, please contact us on 03 9231 3651 or

We welcome people with scleroderma to share our survey with their family & friends to find out how we can do things better!