Scleroderma Victoria provides a number of informative brochures which explain various aspects of Scleroderma, covering a wide range of issues and they are free to download.

Understanding and Managing Scleroderma

This brochure is provided to all new members when they join Scleroderma Australia. Join Us

Understanding Scleroderma and the NDIS

The aim of this brochure is to help you understand how to apply for the NDIS as a person with scleroderma.

Download Understanding Scleroderma and the NDIS (PDF, 0 B)

Lung Function Testing and Scleroderma

Regular breathing tests can detect early lung involvement in Scleroderma Patients. This brochure is designed to be a guide, not everything written here will be applicable to everyone – take the advice that is appropriate for you.

Download Lung Function Testing and Scleroderma (PDF, 0 B)

Knowing About Scleroderma

What is Scleroderma? Scleroderma is a chronic connective tissue disease and is generally classified as one of the auto-immune rheumatic diseases.

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More than skin deep

June 29 is World Scleroderma Day.

We advocate for a world where equal access to treatments, quality care and community participation are available to people with scleroderma.

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Helpful tips when having blood taken

The aim of this brochure is to help you undergo blood tests with the minimum of distress and assist the collector to understand your special needs.

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Hospital Checklist Form

A care plan form to be used in conjunction with the Hospital Checklist publication.

Download Hospital Checklist Form (PDF, 0 B)

Hospital Checklist

Often when a person with scleroderma is hospitalised for surgery or treatment of another condition, they find that the nursing staff may have limited knowledge of scleroderma. The following care plan was developed for a person with scleroderma to take to hospital and give to the nursing staff on admission.

Download Hospital Checklist (PDF, 0 B)


This brochure aims to make your plans and travel as stress-free as possible, and also as rewarding and exciting as it should be.

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Bowel and Bladder

People with Scleroderma may experience difficulties with their bladder or bowel.

This brochure provides information about why these problems may occur and advice on how you can get help.

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Oral and Dental

Because connective tissue occurs throughout the whole body, this disease affects many and various organs and can produce a wide range of symptoms, including oral and dental problems. This brochure discusses these problems and steps to minimise oral symptoms and damage.

Download Oral and Dental (PDF, 0 B)

Eating Well

Advice for those with nutritional concerns relating to Scleroderma.

The brochure includes sections on: food preparation, physical effects of Scleroderma, calcium intake, and maintaining weight and avoiding malnutrition.

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