Been to Our Virtual Education Sessions? Tell Us Why or Why not

Have you always wanted to come to a Virtual Education Session and never had the time?

Perhaps you never found the topics relevant, or you’ve never even heard of these sessions before now.

Whatever the case may be, we want to know!

Share Your Feedback

Whether you have or haven’t yet attended a Scleroderma Virtual Education Session, we want to hear from you.

The aim of the Virtual Education Sessions is to share information to empower people just like you, whether you have scleroderma or you support someone who does.

Help us help you by sharing your feedback. Tell us what you want from the Virtual Education Sessions.

The feedback survey is completely anonymous, so feel free to be honest.

Use this online survey, to quickly and easily give us feedback on:

  • The best days and times
  • Topics of interest
  • Previous experiences at the sessions
  • Obstacles to attending
  • Feedback on prior sessions
  • Anything else you’d like to say J

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Tech Support

Has technology held you back from attending? Unsure how a virtual get-together works? Or maybe you don’t have the right computer equipment?

If tech has been an issue, please let us know in the survey or reach out to Scleroderma Victoria directly.

We might be able to offer you some tips or guidance on how to access the sessions.

We also run tech support and tests for whoever needs it prior to every session.

About our Virtual Education Sessions

The Virtual Education Sessions are a way for you to learn more about scleroderma and empower yourself.

At each session, we host a guest speaker to chat about a scleroderma topic. Sessions cover a broad range of topics, from how to manage cold hands to accessing your superannuation.

Our speakers often specialise in scleroderma topics. They might be medical doctors, researchers, legal professionals, or other experts.

At these sessions, you also get the opportunity to ask questions. But you are more than welcome to just listen if you prefer.

The sessions are hosted online, so it’s easy to attend from the comfort of your own home.

Who can attend?

The sessions are for people with scleroderma and their family, friends and carers.

Because they are held virtually online, anyone around Australia, or even the world, can attend.

Although the sessions are hosted by Scleroderma Victoria (and are free for our members), you don’t have to be a member of any Australian scleroderma group to attend.

How to find out about the sessions

One way to find about sessions is by liking and following our Facebook pages: Scleroderma Victoria and Scleroderma Australia.

Another way to find about sessions is by signing up to the Scleroderma Australia newsletter.

This free newsletter comes straight to your inbox to remind you of upcoming sessions. It also contains other scleroderma news.

You can also bookmark our Scleroderma Victoria Virtual Education Sessions webpage and check in from time to time. 

Topics and Speakers

Here are some of the session topics and speakers from recent months:

  • Your Legal Rights – Know Where You Stand!


Lawyers from the law firm Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

  • Raynaud’s Phenomenon


Dr Joanne Sahhar, Scleroderma specialist at Monash Health

  • Respiratory Issues, ILD And PAH


Dr Jyotika Prasad, respiratory and interstitial lung disease expert

  • Gut Problems and Scleroderma


Dr Emily Wright, gastroenterologist at St Vincent’s Private Hospital

  • Nutritional Options for People with Scleroderma


Gerald Quigley, pharmacist and accredited herbalist

  • Nutrition and Gut Health


Samantha Gemmell, nutritionist and wellness speaker

  • Scleroderma and the skin


Dr Amanda Saracino, dermatologist specialising in scleroderma and lupus skin conditions

  • Scleroderma and Your Feet


Justin Bradley, podiatrist and director of Complex Foot Solutions

To read more about our previous topics and guest speakers, visit the Virtual Education Sessions page.


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We Want to Hear from You!

As you can see, the Virtual Education Sessions are for you, the scleroderma community.

That’s why we want to cover the topics that interest you the most, and host sessions at times and days that suit you best.

By completing the survey, you can tell us exactly what, when and how you want your virtual education sessions.

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