So you’re interested in raising money for a good cause — fantastic.

Your efforts will be appreciated and will make a great difference in the community.

When it comes to fundraising for scleroderma causes, we have a few guidelines and tips to help.

Here’s how you can team up with us at Scleroderma Victoria to create your own fundraiser.

Where do funds go?

At Scleroderma Victoria, we raise money for a range of causes that support people with scleroderma.

By running a fundraiser with us, your funds will also go to the same supports, including:

  • our groups on the ground in Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • specialists and medical practitioners building expertise in scleroderma
  • scleroderma nurses at ASIG Centres
  • our Kerry McDonald Equipment Program for social inclusion
  • research projects into better outcomes for our scleroderma community

Getting started

As a small charity, we can’t run large fundraising events just yet (although we hope to one day!)

So if you want to run a fundraiser with us, you need to use a platform like Just Giving or My Cause.

These fundraising platforms are easy to use and let you create your own fundraising page.

On this page, give the details of your fundraiser. You can include special messages, images or videos and make it your own.

The page is easy to share with family, friends and the wider community using social media.

Bonus tip!

If you’re thinking of running a campaign with us, the best thing to do is get in touch during the early planning stages.

This is because you may need a licence or to abide by certain laws.

By getting in touch with us early, we’ll guide you to run a stress-free, safe and legal campaign.

6 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

Step 1: Get to know us

Before you begin fundraising, please read up on Scleroderma Victoria.

You can find a lot of information on our website and social media, and look through our old fundraiers for ideas.

When you’re ready, reach out to us to get a copy of our Event Guide and Fundraising Toolkit and our Fundraising Policy.

Step 2: Come up with an idea

Be creative and come up with an idea.

Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • host an event
  • set a challenge
  • have a sausage sizzle
  • hold a raffle

Step 3: Set a target

A fundraising target in dollars helps keep you motivated and on track.

It also lets others know what you are aiming for to help you get there.

Make sure your target is achievable and not too ambitious, especially if it’s your first time.

Step 4: Choose a date, time and location

You can host an event whenever it suits you. Give yourself enough time to get organised.

You’ll need to know these details before registering your event with Scleroderma Victoria.

Step 5: Register with us

Registering your event with Scleroderma Victoria means we can offer you advice and resources to make your event a success.

We can also share with you our branding, logo and messaging.

To register, simply send us an email with your idea.

Step 6: Promote your fundraiser

The best fundraisers start by asking friends and family first. Later you can reach out more contacts.

By registering with Scleroderma Victoria, we can help promote your event and fundraising activities to the wider world.

Use social media to spread the word with hashtags like #sunflowerhero and #scleroderma.

Step 7: Have fun raising funds

After the right preparation, it’s time to enjoy your fundraiser.

Be sure to snap plenty of photos and share them on social media.

By sharing your fundraising efforts, you can inspire others to do the same and raise awareness of scleroderma to a wider audience.

Become a Sunflower Hero

A Sunflower Hero is anyone who puts time and effort into raising awareness or funds to support people with scleroderma.

Sunflower Heroes can be living with scleroderma themselves, or have a connection to scleroderma through family and friends.

While anyone can become a Sunflower Hero, some of our superstar Sunflower Heroes include footballer Dyson Heppell and fashion guru Liz Davenport.

Once you’ve run a successful fundraiser for us, you can become a Sunflower Hero too.

Want to become a Sunflower Hero? Kick off your own fundraiser and join us today.