This June, for World Scleroderma Month 2022, Scleroderma Australia is shining a golden light across Australia to help raise awareness of scleroderma.

Australia is lighting up again! Throughout June, iconic buildings and landmarks across Australia will be bathed in a golden glow to celebrate World Scleroderma month and help Scleroderma Australia raise awareness through their #ShineLikeASunflower campaign.


Landmarks across Australia turn golden

Scleroderma Australia is delighted to be lighting up more than 110 iconic locations across Australia this June. That’s almost double the number of locations last year and well above this year’s target of 80 locations!

In 2021, 65 buildings and landmarks across Australia shone brightly to raise awareness of scleroderma.

Some of the most prominent landmarks and buildings that lit up in 2021 included Federation Square Melbourne, Melbourne Town Hall, Brisbane’s Storey Bridge, the Adelaide Oval, Perth Airport, Hobart’s Franklin Square and Darwin’s Parliament House.

This year, iconic locations across every state and territory will again be bathed in yellow. Scleroderma Australia’s Shine Like A Sunflower page shows you the landmarks lighting up near you.


Turning up the lights to focus on a specialist scleroderma nurse

There’s not as much support for people with rare conditions like scleroderma. Many GPs don’t know about scleroderma, which can lead to feelings of isolation and hopelessness. This lack of knowledge can also impede treatment, leading to increased pain and discomfort.

To help combat this lack of knowledge and support, Scleroderma Australia aims to raise $150,000 to fund a specialist nurse to help support and advise people living with scleroderma in Australia.

Scleroderma nurses provide information, referrals and clinical assistance, including wound management and advice on dressings. Specialist wound care skills are a crucial part of the clinical role and include debridement and infection management – a specialism that is increasingly difficult to access in the community.

Our scleroderma nurses are available via phone and video, so people with scleroderma can call for advice and guidance wherever they live. Whether that is for questions about wound management, diet or vaccination, chronic illness or disability, or needing help to navigate Australia’s complex health system. Direct access to a nurse specialising in scleroderma treatment can be life-changing for people with the condition.


Will you help us shine a light and improve access to vital support?

Scleroderma Australia relies on donations from individuals and organisations to continue boosting awareness, engaging community support, and raising vital research funds to support 6,000 Australians living with scleroderma.

With your generous help, our target of $150,000 is well within reach this year. We all know that the proper medical support at the right time can make an enormous difference to recovery, and our scleroderma nurses do just that. You can donate by heading to the Shine Like A Sunflower donation page, where you can donate through PayPal.

Last year, during Covid-19, the Shine Like A Sunflower campaign raised $25,000 for research.

You can also get behind this campaign to raise awareness by posting a photo of a golden location in your state or territory or sharing our social media tiles on your social pages. Make sure you use the #ShineLikeASunflower, and #WorldSclerodermaDay2022 hashtags.

You can access the social media PR Kit here.


How to find out more

You can learn more about the Shine Like A Sunflower campaign, find a location that’s lighting up near you, and make a donation here.