Harry loves to stay active. He regularly climbs ladders, just like he’s been doing for 50 years. I know – you are ahead of me! Harry fell off the ladder and now he wishes he’d listened to his wife. 😞

Are you doing some things, like Harry, that just aren’t safe?

This will help you

At Scleroderma Victoria, your team of volunteers is working hard to:

🌻 Ensure you get the information you need to stay safe, and

🌻 Get the best from your NDIS plan (if you are lucky enough to have one).

A new publication, produced by Scleroderma Australia, is available from our website – Understanding Scleroderma and the NDIS.

Download the Brochure here!

Understanding Scleroderma and the NDIS

🌻 Do you need to know what information you need to provide for your NDIS plan?

🌻 Do you know the level of detail that you need for your application to the NDIS?

Understanding Scleroderma and the NDIS can help you describe how scleroderma can limit or restrict your daily activities and function. The information provided in this brochure will guide you to provide the information you need for your NDIS plan.

You’re a hero on a national scale!

Did you know that part of your membership fee goes towards developing resources at Scleroderma Australia? So, thank you. You’re not just a hero to all of us in Victoria! You are a National Living Hero – so thanks! These resources help people like you and your family access the support you need.

Scleroderma Victoria goes virtual!

Scleroderma Victoria recently held one of our popular Online Support Group Sessions. Our latest topic was a guide for people with scleroderma on how to apply for the NDIS. Our next topic is on scleroderma and staying COVID-Safe. If you would like to register for our next session, please let us know by replying to my email or register your interest on our website. Visit https://sclerodermavictoria.com.au/events/ for more information.

Please spread the hope

Thank you for your support as a valued member of Scleroderma Victoria! Know that we truly appreciate everything that you do. We can’t do what we do without you.

If you know anyone who could benefit from being a member of Scleroderma Victoria, please spread the hope by suggesting they visit our website, Facebook page or Instagram account. We’ll take it from there!