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Hi there. Thanks for visiting and wanting to become a Sunflower Hero.

Sunflower Hero is a campaign to raise awareness of an auto-immune disease called Scleroderma. What is Scleroderma, you may ask? To put it very simply, for unknown reasons the body attacks itself. No part of the body or organ is safe and at the moment there is no cure.

It’s something that I’m close to as it has directly affected my family – my Nan (my Mum’s Mum!) passed away because of it.

I’m proud to be an Ambassador for Scleroderma Victoria and it would be great if you could support them in their efforts to raise awareness of the disease and if you can help, raise much needed funds for research to find a cure and provide support services for those who suffer from it.

And just one more favour! Please get anyone you know, whether it be family, friends or work colleagues to become a Sunflower Hero. The more the merrier.

Once again, thanks for visiting and we look forward to you joining myself, my Family and Scleroderma Victoria in working to find a cure for this condition.

Cheers, Dyson Heppell

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